Precinct Tracker: Software Designed
for Road & Bridge Record Management

For Single Precincts, Unit Road, Multi-Precincts

Rising prices for materials and fuel, increasing demands for services, accountability issues, unfunded mandates, GASB reporting requirements - these are some of the important issues facing county government now and in the future.

MSE Solutions developed Precinct Tracker to give Road & Bridge Departments and Precincts a tool for meeting these challenges.

Precinct Tracker is a computer-based recordkeeping system created in Texas with input from R&B Commissioners, Managers, secretaries, and foremen. It provides a convenient, easy to use program at a cost effective price.

Save Time!

One convenient program instead of multiple spreadsheets

Get reports with the click of a button
Faster than searching through paper records and log books
Prompt answers when residents call with questions
Easy to learn—no time-consuming and expensive training sessions
Easy to use—a user-friendly format designed for the way R&B offices work

Save Money!

Track road work costs, including labor, equipment, and materials
Identify high maintenance equipment
Detailed information for budget preparation
Track spending for cost control
Incident/disaster documentation for reimbursement
Use standard computers—no specialized equipment needed


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